Painting process: small landscape, 8 x 8 inches

Step one is a very loose sketch, setting up the composition and using marks to indicate direction and texture.
Step two is blocking in colour with a saturated wash. making the colour a shade darker than what I see.
Step three is adding the thick paint with a small palette knife, starting in the background and getting warmer and more vibrant as I work my way towards the foreground.
Close up of the top of the painting.
Close up of the trees and fields towards the bottom of the painting.
Here is the finished product. You can see that in the distance the colours are cooler and become warmer and more vibrant towards the middle and slightly cooler again as it moves into the foreground.

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  1. I saw a pin of your work on Pinterest. I knew it was of the english countryside even though it was abstracted. It just had that feel that I feel on my trips there. Awesome website.

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