New work: Exploring new compositions and mood

I absolutely love painting still lifes, but recently I have been feeling that my work doesn’t reflect me at this point. I have been gathering inspiration, doing research and looking over my work over the years. Though I have been very happy doing what I do, I feel as though I could inject a little more of myself into my work. More feelings to be precise, exploring moods like loneliness and longing for a sense of home. I also want to explore more subtle tones, different compositions, personal objects and things from the garden.
Above is a drawing of the Autumnal tablescape I worked on yesterday. (oil on cradled panel, 30 x 30 inches)
Here is the underpainting completed. I actually like the painterly feel of it at this stage.
I have started adding thicker paint with the palette knife. Next thing to do is add the pattern in the bowl and work on the cloth.
Well, it’s different. It definitely has a moodiness to it. ┬áMaybe I could have added a small plate of something, but the sparseness I think adds to the feeling of this piece. I am excited to do more like this.

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