Art Classes


Are you interested in having private art lessons?  I am now offering one to one art lessons in Colchester and the Sudbury, Suffolk area.  Please email me at to make a booking or ask any questions.


Private lessons (in the comfort of your own home) the fee is £100 for a three hour session and £180 for a full day from 10am-4pm.  Please email me at if you have any other questions.  My schedule is quite flexible.

Teaching Approach:

I am very knowledgable, patient, fun, encouraging and passionate about making painting easy to understand.  Helping students find their own artistic style is a top priority.  I offer many helpful tips about painting and artist opportunities.  Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I am sure I can provide worthwhile instruction.  It is my goal for you to have a finished painting that we can both be proud of by the end of one or two sessions.

What I teach:

I can offer private painting demonstrations, lessons in basic painting fundamentals (including materials explanations), colour theory (mixing colours), palette knife techniques, impasto painting (painting with thick paint), large scale painting, still life painting, expressive landscape painting, contemporary portraiture, small scale painting and plein air painting (painting outdoors).

Mediums: Oil colour, but can accommodate those who wish to work with water-based oils and Acrylics.


I have over 10 years experience in teaching art to all ages and teaching painting classes/ workshops for Adult learners.


Sample 3hr session:

1st hour:

1st half hour- checking we have all materials, set up a still life, discuss reference photo or choose a spot to paint

2nd half hour- discuss goals for that day, explain the first and continuing steps then a short painting demo to get you started

2nd hour:

3rd half hour- painting with close guidance

Break if needed

20 min.- continue painting with minimal guidance

3rd hour:

5th half hour- continue progression of work with close guidance

6th half hour- critique and discussion

End of lesson