Trying out frames

These just came back from the framers. The painting size is 6 x 12 inches, framed size is 8.5 x 14.5 inches.
I have to get used to seeing my work framed, but I am coming around to it.

Video: Painting Delphiniums

I have created a new video, this time I am painting delphiniums.  I am really enjoying painting these quick demos, it is great practice for painting en plein air.  I hope you all are enjoying the videos 🙂


Video tutorial with commentary!

I think I am getting the hang of making short videos (with the help of my knowledgable husband).  I added step by step commentary to my latest one.  Below is the finished piece, underneath the image is the video.  I really hope you enjoy it!



Video: How I paint a pear

This is a quick study of a pear that I did in 15 minutes.  It’s done in oils on raw linen canvas board which has been primed with clear gesso.  Below the image is a video of the painting process, enjoy!


music: “Endless Motion”