Video: How I paint a pear

This is a quick study of a pear that I did in 15 minutes.  It’s done in oils on raw linen canvas board which has been primed with clear gesso.  Below the image is a video of the painting process, enjoy!


music: “Endless Motion”


Gourds, 16 x 16 inches

Here is the underpainting for my latest painting. Sorry there isn’t a sketch to share. I didn’t remember to document my process until I was finished with this stage. Looks almost finished at this point.
A close-up of the underpainting
I have finished painting the gourds and the bowl.
Working on the fabric.  I will smooth out the brushstrokes with a palette knife.
Here is my latest painting pictured next to my still life set-up. I think my new style translates well to this size.

Private art lesson: Student work

Here are a couple photos of a recent private lesson, which I gave in the student’s home.  The student was intermediate, worked in oils and wanted to loosen up. Above is a photo of a work in progress.  This is the second of two paintings completed.
Above is the finished student painting.  Click HERE for more info about private lessons.

New work: Small fun pieces

I had some little bits of paint left over on my palette.  I don’t like to waste paint and these blobs would have dried before I painted my next piece.  I have some 8 x 10 inch canvas boards around for occasions like this and decided to have some fun with Autumn bouquets and stripes.  They are for sale, if anyone is interested. They sell for £250 each(unframed) which includes p&p within the UK and worldwide. Please contact me for further info.


“September bouquet”, oil on canvas board, 10 x 8 inches, £250 (unframed)
“September bouquet with figs” oil on canvas board, 8 x 10 inches, £250 (unframed)




Painting process: small landscape, 8 x 8 inches

Step one is a very loose sketch, setting up the composition and using marks to indicate direction and texture.
Step two is blocking in colour with a saturated wash. making the colour a shade darker than what I see.
Step three is adding the thick paint with a small palette knife, starting in the background and getting warmer and more vibrant as I work my way towards the foreground.
Close up of the top of the painting.
Close up of the trees and fields towards the bottom of the painting.
Here is the finished product. You can see that in the distance the colours are cooler and become warmer and more vibrant towards the middle and slightly cooler again as it moves into the foreground.

New work: En plein air

I just had to paint outside. Even though it was a pretty hot day, it was cooler outside than in my studio. I gathered some flowers, grabbed a cold beer, set up my stuff and painted this! Didn’t stay out long, the sun was brutal. I am very happy I took my studio outside.