Private art lessons: Recent classes

This is a photo from a recent private art lesson which was given in my home studio. We worked on composition, colour mixing, palette knife techniques and how to paint water.
A photo from a recent private art lesson given in the client’s home in Essex. It was such a lovely day, so we painted outside. I gave a short painting demo and went through the materials. The lesson went over perspective, composition, toning the canvas, palette knife techniques and colour mixing.

Video tutorial with commentary!

I think I am getting the hang of making short videos (with the help of my knowledgable husband).  I added step by step commentary to my latest one.  Below is the finished piece, underneath the image is the video.  I really hope you enjoy it!



Video: First day out-17th of Feb.

The video below is from my first attempt getting back into painting en plein air.  I thought, “Ya know what?! I’m going to paint outside today!”.  I grabbed what I had, fashioned a support for my canvas board, dragged my husband along and headed out to find a spot to paint.

Painting process: Anemones, stripes

Found some beautiful Anemones in town and started painting them as soon as I got home. I absolutely love anemones! Above is my set up and my sketch. The board size is 16 x 16 inches.
Starting to work on the background with a brush. I am painting the background a green-grey.
More progress on the underpainting.
With the underpainting completed, I can move onto using thicker paint with my palette knife.
Close-up of my progress with the palette knife
Close-up of the detail on the vase.
The painting is finished! I know I didn’t document every single step, but the actual painting time was about two days. No fruit in this one, I wanted the flowers to be the star of this piece.

Painting process: Winter landscape, 16 x 16 inches

With it getting dark earlier, having our Christmas lights on and Christmas decor dotted around, it is feeling quite cozy at home. So, I’ve painted a winter landscape. Above is my loose sketch on a 16 x 16 inch board.
An action shot of me starting the underpainting.
Underpainting completed.
Underpainting close-up
A close-up of more progress
A close-up of the finished painting. I loved using the metallic gold oil colour.
Here is the finished landscape.

Painting process: Lilies and plums

The sketch (oil on cradled panel, 30 x 30 inches)
I blocked in the colour and have added thick paint to the background.
a close-up of the plums
The vase has been painted in and so have the leaves
working on the lilies.
A close-up of a lily.
The completed painting.
A close-up of the bowl of plums.

In the studio: Recent painting

Just wanted to share a large still life painting that I did fairly recently. Some people like to see my still life set-ups.  It does take quite some time to create a set-up.  I don’t just choose things willy-nilly.  There is careful consideration regarding flowers, fruit, vases, patterns, textures, etc.
I based this one on the craft style ceramic vase. Its shape, colours and earthiness helped me choose my other elements. The set-up is just as important as the painting.  (oil on board, 30 x 30 inches)