Large landscape: The Start

Toning the surface.










A quick sketch.











My husband made a 30 x 30 inch cradled panel for me and I couldn’t wait to paint on it. I have wanted to paint a larger layered landscape for a while.  I toned my canvas yellow because the overall color in my personal photo had yellow undertones.  I then sketch in the composition, take a step back and see if I need to add or remove things.  This process doesn’t take long because I do not want to spend a lot of time on something that I am going to completely cover with loads of paint.

I will post the finished product tomorrow.


Paintings of Abundance: Oil and Acrylic

I have recently finished two paintings – one in acrylic and one in oils – of more involved floral still lifes.  I have really been inspired by the British love of patterned wallpaper, cloth and home decor.  I also have enjoyed the accessibility to lush produce and a variety of flowers.  I have combined these elements into two well thought-out paintings.

I chose to paint one in acrylic to explore the difference it would make to my painting process and to take advantage of the drying time, so I could play with patterns.  I really enjoyed painting these and I look forward using other color palettes in both mediums.

"Treats of Summer" 24 x 24 inches, oil on board










"Antique Hydrangeas and Stripes" 24 x 32 inches, acrylic on board


Small landscape painting process: