News: I’m on YouTube

Hello all!  I hope you have been enjoying the short videos that I have been sharing recently.  I have created a YouTube channel where I will post longer videos of painting demos, explanations of materials and step by step instruction.  You can also subscribe  to the channel and get updates when I post a new video.  Right now, I only have one video up, which is a longer and slightly slowed down version of me painting in the woods.  It is still worth a look I think.  The videos will also be posted here on this blog. Any suggestions for videos you’d like to see?  Please leave a message via my contact page or email me at  Enjoy the video!

Video: In the woods

This short video shows the beginning stages of my most recent plein air painting.  A few posts back I shared that I went to Clare, Suffolk and found a spot in the woods to set up.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Video: More progress

This video is a continuation of my first attempt getting back into plein air painting after a long hiatus.
(Lavenham, Suffolk)

Video: Painting delphiniums

Here is a short video of me painting delphiniums. I know it’s a quick clip but I hope it gives you all some insight into how I use the palette knife.  If there are any other things you would like to see please get in touch via my contact page or email me at  I am planing on doing longer instructional videos in the near future. In the meantime enjoy the clip below:

Video: First day out-17th of Feb.

The video below is from my first attempt getting back into painting en plein air.  I thought, “Ya know what?! I’m going to paint outside today!”.  I grabbed what I had, fashioned a support for my canvas board, dragged my husband along and headed out to find a spot to paint.