New Gallery Representation: John Noott Gallery-The Cotswolds,UK

I am pleased to announce that the John Noott Gallery’s Broadway Modern has accepted me as a gallery artist.  They chose four paintings to introduce me and I am very excited to be showing among some of England’s most well known contemporary artists.

Broadway Modern houses British art, sculpture, ceramics, furniture and glass with a ‘modern’ feel.  Their indoor showrooms reside in a delightfull 17th century Cotswold stone building on possibly the prettiest High Street in England.

The Cotswolds is a must see if you are looking for picturesque English villages, beautiful hills and cute sheep.  Below are a few pictures of the village of Broadway.

John Noott/ Broadway Modern Gallery








Broadway Town Center, The Cotswolds-UK







Deli with Fruit & Veg stand in Broadway town center


Paintings of Abundance: Oil and Acrylic

I have recently finished two paintings – one in acrylic and one in oils – of more involved floral still lifes.  I have really been inspired by the British love of patterned wallpaper, cloth and home decor.  I also have enjoyed the accessibility to lush produce and a variety of flowers.  I have combined these elements into two well thought-out paintings.

I chose to paint one in acrylic to explore the difference it would make to my painting process and to take advantage of the drying time, so I could play with patterns.  I really enjoyed painting these and I look forward using other color palettes in both mediums.

"Treats of Summer" 24 x 24 inches, oil on board










"Antique Hydrangeas and Stripes" 24 x 32 inches, acrylic on board


What I am working on: 3ft square-Autumn Still Life

A work n progress, 36 x 36 inches, oil on canvas-20hrs in.









I took on a huge challenge this weekend.  Though I am known for my small works, I am breaking out and going larger.  It is interesting and a bit frustrating to see if your particular style translates well to other sizes.  Staring at this huge blank canvas was exciting, but when I started to sketch it in a feeling of panic set in.  What have I gotten myself into? The amount of paint, time, glasses of wine, hours on my feet…Aaaaaahhhhh!

I stared at my sketch for about an hour.  Mentally mapping out my plan of attack.  Then it all fell into place, sketch and block in color the first day, get the darks and background in on the second, start the detail work on the third and keep going until I finish.  It may seem like second nature to some artists but when you are used to slinging paint and finishing in under 4 hours, my three day paint-a-thon feels like forever!

Above is where I decided to stop tonight after about 3 days / 20hrs of painting.  I will rest up, relax and continue tomorrow.