New work: Acrylic florals

Sometimes I need a break from the usual, so I had some fun with acrylic paint.  I worked on 8 x 8 inch gessoed wood panels and used a structure gel with a palette knife to add texture.  These are all available and are priced at £250 each.  Click here to see individual images.

Framed: 2 acrylic landscapes

I recycled some floating frames from a few still life paintings in order to showcase these vibrant and lusciously textured acrylic landscapes.  They are available at The Hunter Gallery in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Work in progress: Peony bouquet on blue and white (acrylic)

After a few layers of texture and paint I worked on the patterns in the painting. I need to build up the peonies and add texture and detail to the cherries. This is my third day working on this. About 4 hours a day.










Cherries, done. Gave a wash of color to the flowers and darkened the green leaves. Tomorrow I will finish the flowers and small details, like the cherry stems.