New Landscapes 2018


A collage of recent landscape work. Sizes vary from 10 x 10 inches to 24 x 24 inches.  I really enjoy the challenge of creating the various green shades.  When it cools off a bit I will get back out there and do more plein air work, until then I will stay cool painting landscapes in my studio 🙂

Painting process: More anemones

The anemones are still holding up, so I added a few new flowers to create a beautiful Spring blue bouquet. Above is the set-up and the sketch.
The underpainting is complete. It’s looking good!
Underpainting close-up.
More progress on the bouquet, using the palette knife.
The pitcher detail.
Figs close-up
Yay, I’m done! I worked for three days on this because of all the detail and the gingham cloth. I may have overworked it slightly. Love the blues though.
Another shot of the completed painting.

Painting process: Anemones, stripes

Found some beautiful Anemones in town and started painting them as soon as I got home. I absolutely love anemones! Above is my set up and my sketch. The board size is 16 x 16 inches.
Starting to work on the background with a brush. I am painting the background a green-grey.
More progress on the underpainting.
With the underpainting completed, I can move onto using thicker paint with my palette knife.
Close-up of my progress with the palette knife
Close-up of the detail on the vase.
The painting is finished! I know I didn’t document every single step, but the actual painting time was about two days. No fruit in this one, I wanted the flowers to be the star of this piece.

Another pumpkin

I have been enjoying painting my mini pumpkins and gourds! I am also enjoying this new composition for my still life work, it feels freeing in a way. New composition, new ideas, new themes, so much fun! Above is my loose sketch for a painting I completed last week. (oil on cradled panel, 16 x 16 inches)
Working on the underpainting, using a brush.
Underpainting close-up
After finishing the underpainting, I applied thicker paint with a brush and palette knife to render the pumpkin and the bowl. You can also see that I have worked on the knife.
Spool of thread close-up
The finished painting with the still life reference.
There are many aspects of this painting that I really love. The simplicity is one of them. I have also added text which I haven’t done before. I didn’t want it to be too noticeable and take the focus away from the lovely pumpkin. The contrast of the orange and cream pumpkin in a blue-green bowl was deliberate. Even though the red is bold, it isn’t too distracting.

Gourds, 16 x 16 inches

Here is the underpainting for my latest painting. Sorry there isn’t a sketch to share. I didn’t remember to document my process until I was finished with this stage. Looks almost finished at this point.
A close-up of the underpainting
I have finished painting the gourds and the bowl.
Working on the fabric.  I will smooth out the brushstrokes with a palette knife.
Here is my latest painting pictured next to my still life set-up. I think my new style translates well to this size.