New work: Green bouquet




Video tutorial with commentary!

I think I am getting the hang of making short videos (with the help of my knowledgable husband).  I added step by step commentary to my latest one.  Below is the finished piece, underneath the image is the video.  I really hope you enjoy it!



Video: How I paint a pear

This is a quick study of a pear that I did in 15 minutes.  It’s done in oils on raw linen canvas board which has been primed with clear gesso.  Below the image is a video of the painting process, enjoy!


music: “Endless Motion”


News: I’m on YouTube

Hello all!  I hope you have been enjoying the short videos that I have been sharing recently.  I have created a YouTube channel where I will post longer videos of painting demos, explanations of materials and step by step instruction.  You can also subscribe  to the channel and get updates when I post a new video.  Right now, I only have one video up, which is a longer and slightly slowed down version of me painting in the woods.  It is still worth a look I think.  The videos will also be posted here on this blog. Any suggestions for videos you’d like to see?  Please leave a message via my contact page or email me at  Enjoy the video!

Video: Painting delphiniums

Here is a short video of me painting delphiniums. I know it’s a quick clip but I hope it gives you all some insight into how I use the palette knife.  If there are any other things you would like to see please get in touch via my contact page or email me at  I am planing on doing longer instructional videos in the near future. In the meantime enjoy the clip below:

Painting process: More anemones

The anemones are still holding up, so I added a few new flowers to create a beautiful Spring blue bouquet. Above is the set-up and the sketch.
The underpainting is complete. It’s looking good!
Underpainting close-up.
More progress on the bouquet, using the palette knife.
The pitcher detail.
Figs close-up
Yay, I’m done! I worked for three days on this because of all the detail and the gingham cloth. I may have overworked it slightly. Love the blues though.
Another shot of the completed painting.

Painting process: Anemones, stripes

Found some beautiful Anemones in town and started painting them as soon as I got home. I absolutely love anemones! Above is my set up and my sketch. The board size is 16 x 16 inches.
Starting to work on the background with a brush. I am painting the background a green-grey.
More progress on the underpainting.
With the underpainting completed, I can move onto using thicker paint with my palette knife.
Close-up of my progress with the palette knife
Close-up of the detail on the vase.
The painting is finished! I know I didn’t document every single step, but the actual painting time was about two days. No fruit in this one, I wanted the flowers to be the star of this piece.